The First Update of Digital Assets Exchange: TrueUSD Listed, TDEX Demo, Changes in Withdrawal Policy, Minor Interface Updates.

June 13, 2019

We are happy to bring you the first update on our Digital Assets Exchange. Over the past 2 months, we have collected an incredible amount of feedback from our users. This feedback was used by us as a basis for this update. If you have any suggestions that will make our products better for you, please do share your thoughts in our Telegram chat.

What’s new

TrueUSD is Now Available for Trading

TrueUSD — one of the most traded and trusted US dollar backed stablecoins is now listed on the Digital Assets Exchange. New trading pair available on our exchange is BTC/TUSD.

Learn more about TrueUSD:

The Demo Version of TDEX

Till this moment, Digital Assets Exchange was available only for registered users. Today we introduce a demo version of the Digital Assets Exchange to give all users an opportunity to see how the exchange works before starting the registration process. Try it now!

Interface Update

In this release, we introduce several improvements to the interface of the Digital Assets Exchange.  


  • Fee calculator and information messages were redesigned. They now display all the important information taking less space now;
  • Net/Gross amount selector added.


  • Asset selector updated. Now you can change an asset within the deposit screen;


  • Small fixes and improvements (paddings, margins, border-width, etc.);
  • Fixed rare bug with numbers being displayed in scientific notation (10e-7 etc.);
  • History tab improvements: rows selector updates, fixed small bugs in sorting and small “cross-browser” bugs;
  • Exchange’s elements now contain more information and hints.

Withdrawal Policy Update

The minimum total balance amount of the account has been lowered from 10 Waves tokens and should not be less than 5 Waves tokens now. You can find the updated policy here.

We continue our work on the improvement of the Digital Assets Exchange, stay tuned for the upcoming news and updates.