Catch the Wave of Digital Finance! Issue, Trade, and Invest in Security Tokens. All in One Place. Welcome to Tokenomica

April 01, 2019

The financial market has established in the way we know it a long time ago. But everything has to evolve, every market must change, making life easier for the people. We believe that the time has come!

So what is Tokenomica? When we thought about making Tokenomica we had one purpose in mind: To be the new wave of digital finance. We transform the way you see digital finance in two parts:
1) Help business owners, entrepreneurs find and raise capital, Quality of Users (QoU)  and
2) Help investors with the insights and investment solutions by providing them with the confidence, technology and best in class resources they need in finding and investing in Quality of Assets (QoA).

Our goal is to be the world's first true Ecosystem for Security Token Offerings and trading mechanism, by disrupting the current way digital finance is being conducted. Moreover, we want to make a positive impact on the global financial landscape by providing best in class products and services.

At Tokenomica we combine the best of two worlds: the most advanced technology based on a decentralized exchange and the quality checks on clients and on the assets themselves which is achieved by compliance with the regulation.

Digital Assets Exchange

One of the main advantages of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is potential for decentralization, while most of the crypto exchanges on the market are completely centralized. Decentralized exchanges solve most of the problems of traditional exchanges but the lack of regulation is a major drawback.

When we thought about making our exchange, we wanted to combine the best features of both centralized and decentralized exchanges building the first regulated DEX on the market.

At our digital assets exchange, we combined the best features of both centralized and decentralized exchanges making the first regulated DEX which includes:
A. Decentralized execution and settlement;
B. Centralized client acceptance, centralized asset quality assurance and centralized custody of fiat
C. Hybrid custody of crypto assets.

Based on Waves Dex
Tokenomica offers a solution to these challenges based on successful technology - Waves DEX, and centered on Smart Accounts and Smart Assets. Waves DEX has proven itself to be one of the safest exchanges on the market. We have taken the technology and made several important improvements:

Waves Smart Accounts
In order to comply with relevant regulatory requirements, users’ accounts on Tokenomica are created with the Smart Account feature on the Waves blockchain which is used to allow outgoing transactions only to users that were previously identified and approved. Smart Accounts will allow Tokenomica to make sure that any transaction made on the platform is only possible between whitelisted users after they go through the KYC process.

Waves Smart Assets
In Tokenomica, Smart Assets will be used to restrict trading to pre-approved pairs of assets. Thus we achieve legal compliance by introducing unique technological features of the Waves blockchain.

Quality Approved Tokens Only
We thoroughly check all tokens before approving them. Any token that is to be listed on Tokenomica needs to adhere and be qualified as Virtual Financial Assets (VFAs) under applicable laws in Malta, which should be confirmed by a legal opinion from a qualified VFA agent.

Legal Fiat Gateways
Regulated digital assets exchange with legal fiat support. You can trade crypto-to-crypto or crypto-to-fiat, it’s all up to you.

Transparent Trading
Trading process on Tokenomica’s DEX (TDEX) consists of two main parts:

  1. An order book that is formed by peer-to-peer requests to buy and sell cryptocurrency, tokens, and fiat that have passed the listing procedure on Tokenomica.
  2. Matcher, an execution tool that matches orders from the order book.

When a user sends an order through Tokenomica Matcher, the ownership of the user’s assets i.e private keys are not transferred to anyone. The assets remain in the user’s account until the order is matched with a counter-order. After the order is matched and the transaction is confirmed on the Waves blockchain, the user’s account balances are changed in accordance with the order execution price, and assets are transferred directly between the accounts of the users involved in the transaction.

Security Tokens Issuance Platform

Raise Money. Easier, Cheaper, Faster Than Traditional Fundraising Methods Without the Hassle.
If you are thinking about funding your business, the first question you might want to ask is how should I attract funds. Classic methods were great for a number of years and it still could be a preference for some companies. But there is a number of drawbacks. Long story short, there are too many intermediaries, costs are high, it’s time-consuming and inaccessible. At the same time, STO solves these problems brilliantly.

Ecosystem: All in One Place
Most of the platforms don’t allow you to issue and list your security token at one place and at the same time. At Tokenomica, you can trade your token on our Security Token Exchange as soon as it is distributed.

Based on Waves Blockchain
Waves is the first blockchain platform that has found a way to make utility token creation easy for the average person. With Tokenomica, we want to take it to the next level, making the security issuance as easy as it can be. We achieve that using Smart Assets technology that allows issuers to design their security tokens in a customized way, creating a fully compliant asset with attractive features for the investors.

Minimal Cost

Your expenses are reduced to a minimum. The security token issuance platform on Tokenomica is free of charge. For sure, there are set-up costs, but none of it is collected by Tokenomica.

Access to New Types of Investors
With security token offerings, you get access to a pool of investors that are familiar with the industry, who will be willing to invest in security tokens to support technology-based projects all over the world.

Security Tokens Trading Platform

4 benefits of investing in security tokens:

1. Invest with More Flexibility
In the current traditional security market, an investor is only able to purchase financial instruments using fiat currency. With our STTP, an investor has more options and can purchase security tokens with both fiat and cryptocurrency.

2. Improved Settlement
Traditional securities take at least 2 business days to settle. Security tokens are built using blockchain technology that allows transactions to be executed in near-real time.

3. A Simple and Easy Process
When you purchase a share of a company on the stock market, you’re entrusting the stock issuer, as well as a long list of third-parties who help facilitate the process: Brokers, Transfer Agents, Registrars, Clearing Firms, Custodians, due to that investors are limited and bound by working hours of exchanges. On our security token trading platform investors have immediate execution of deals at any time, no matter where you are and what day and time it is, a trade will complete with the same speed. We offer 24/7 support. Along with that, there are only two entities you’d have to trust: the issuer and the platform. Because the number of intermediaries decreases drastically, the chances of corruption and manipulation by financial institutions decrease as well, and may even be removed from the investment process. We have simplified the process for you.

4. Programmable Compliance
With traditional securities, regulations can vary by asset type and buyer/seller/issuer jurisdictions, the same goes about security tokens. But the difference is that security tokens are programmable which means that legal compliance can be implemented right into the token.

Tokenomica’s solution:

All in One Place
We created a single financial ecosystem covering all the needs of projects and investors by combining the best elements of blockchain and traditional financial markets to ensure compliance and access to liquid secondary market through our platform.

Our Security Token Issuance Platform (STIP) is the point of entrance for the projects. All security tokens traded on our platform are issued on STIP and are fully compliant with security market regulations. The pertinent information relevant to the issuer is always available in their profile, that you can easily check at any time.  You can find out how tokens are issued and listed here (link).

Integration with our Digital Assets Exchange allows investors to invest in security tokens with cryptocurrencies, creating a new layer of liquidity which is not available on traditional capital markets.

Use of blockchain facilitates the creation of completely new brokerage systems changing the way of how securities are accounted and administered, reducing the costs and the number of intermediaries and allowing us to create a unique product for the financial industry.  

Services we provide

For investors

Execution and Transmission of Orders
We provide our clients with the ability to place and execute orders with security tokens at any time, without being limited by working hours of exchanges, custodians, clearing houses and other financial intermediaries.

Portfolio Management and Investment Advice
Investors can access our portfolio management services and receive investment advice via analytics and market research.

For projects

Projects can access our underwriting services to attract additional investors without going through a burdensome and costly process of listing their assets on traditional exchanges.

In addition to attracting investors and projects to our platform, we are able to participate in trading activities as a counterparty for deals with security tokens, provide loans and margin trading option to the investors.

Your Assets Are Safe & Secure
Assets are safely stored and available in your wallet, which you control, own and privately store, using Smart Accounts and Smart Assets technologies of Waves blockchain.  

Waves Smart Accounts
In order to comply with relevant regulatory requirements, investors’ accounts on Security Tokens Trading Platform are created with the Smart Account feature on the Waves blockchain which is used to allow outgoing transactions only to users that were previously identified and approved. Smart Accounts will allow making sure that any transaction made on the platform is only possible between whitelisted users after they go through the AML/ KYC and investor suitability checks.

Waves Smart Assets
Smart Assets are unique tokens (meaning that they contain a unique set of rules provided in the script) that can be purchased, sold or exchanged as defined by the script, which validates every transaction within that asset.

Use of Smart Assets in Security Tokens Trading Platform will allow creating a new way in which market participants interact with each other, facilitating automated corporate actions, redemptions and periodical payments processed on the blockchain in a compliant and transparent way.