How to Launch Your STO: Post-STO Management Guide

July 16, 2019 STO

Fundraising is a complicated process no matter the form. One of the key goals of Security Token Offering is to simplify the fundraising process keeping the regulation in place. We’ve already talked about the most necessary steps for issuers during the preparation for an STO. In this article, we will focus on the processes after the token sale.

Keep Moving Forward

After the long preparation, launching and finishing your fundraising campaign, it may be easy to feel like you can take your foot off of the pedal and relax. Well, the reality is different: fundraising is just the beginning and you need to keep going in a forward direction.

You should build a focused plan of your long-term goals. It is an achievement to have successfully completed your STO although, if you want to sustain consistent success, you will need to plan extensively and maintain extreme levels of operational performance, never settle.

To develop your business further, you cannot let things say static and stagnant. To make sure you have the right people and models in place, you will need to review your business model and the upper levels of your management structure.

Building Investor Relations

One of the elements that many companies usually miss is that investor relations don’t stop after the token sale. Your goal is to develop a constant communication with the investors, prior, during, and most importantly after the campaign.  The more communication channels you use, the more likely your project will be a success.

The presence on social media platforms is important, it helps you create a positive image for your project while also acting as a portal to share media such as photographs, videos, reviews, and testimonials.

Managing your Investors’ Expectations

Your investors would have sunk money into your STO, with certain expectations for the business, based on your business plan. Of course, you will need to execute your business plan as promised, along with that you will need to effectively demonstrate them, that you are successfully executing on your business plan.

To achieve that, you will need to create a strong culture of professional discipline for your organization. It is also a must, that you manage to figure out the metrics which will help to grow your business. This ties in with using analysis to drive your company direction. Armed with these metrics, an analyst can paint a clear picture of the business’ current performance.

You will also need to be aware of ever-emerging threats to your business. This could be in the form of new competition, regulatory changes, etc. To effectively perform this, you may need to review your choice of legal advice and your methods of risk management.

Not missing out on legal details is vital. It concerns all sides of your business. With Tokenomica, we have made our best efforts to simplify legal efforts for your company on all stages. Our goal is to help modern companies eliminate excessive paperwork and automate back office. Our platform will allow you to create the code for the execution of your plans and will also automatically create the necessary legal documents that will legitimize the established restrictions, as well as the execution of token holders decisions.

Regarding Post-STO stage, Tokenomica’s STIP allows you to manage your companies activities from your account after STO is conducted. Let’s quickly go over the main details.

Shareholders Voting
In the traditional system, stakeholders voting process is conducted once or twice a year. The reason for it is that voting has to be conducted at a certain time and place. While in the decentralized model, each stakeholder can take part in a voting process from anywhere.

On our platform, the issuer can customize which actions require the participation of stakeholders and conduct as many votes as needed, requirements are specified in the code of the smart contract. These decisions can be:

  • Change the CEO;
  • Dividends payout;
  • Approvement of an annual report;
  • Contract a vendor to get his/her service;
  • Issue the stake to someone because that person/address is adding more value.

The main thing is that all the results of these actions will be automatically reflected in the legal documents. Stakeholders, on the other hand, can play a bigger role in the work of the company, along with that they are provided with tools that give them protection from fraudulent activities.

Dividend Payments
Dividend payments are completely automated as they are previously set in the code of the smart contract. Again, all actions are automatically reflected in legal documents, saving your time.

Don’t Stop Marketing

Marketing is often seen as vital to run a successful STO campaign. Even in the early stages of STO adoption, it is safe to say that STO hits a marketing sweet spot between crypto and traditional investors combining technology and regulation. So don’t hesitate to target both categories. Don’t forget that it is highly important to emphasize the benefits for both types of investors. Even if you’ve already smashed your STO and you have gained the investment that you wanted. Don’t stop marketing. Here are some of the most important tools you might want to consider.

SEO and Advertising
This step involves the use of advertisements and SEO techniques to improve the online awareness of your token. This also allows you to target specific demographics using industry-specific terminology.

Press Release and Newsletters
This step helps your project in reaching a wider audience while also allowing to retain your existing investors. Finally, regular updates also allow the investors and community to follow the progress of your project.

Marketing is Vital for the Secondary Trading
You will want your token to be traded on the secondary markets so that it can increase in value. So holding the interest of your own market is very important, if you fail to do this, your Token value will fall and your company valuation will plummet.

To avoid this, you will need to continue marketing your product. Keep the initial magic alive. You will need to continue telling your story and develop your marketing content long after this stage is finished.

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