Join the First Ever Security Tokens Investors Club!

June 27, 2019 STO

Security token offerings are projected to take over the investment market in the next 5 years. Tokenomica is building the first true ecosystem for STOs and trading, along with that, we’ve decided to open the first ever community for investors in security tokens. Let’s go over the main ideas behind Security Tokens Investors Club.

Why You Should Invest in Security Tokens

First, let’s go over the main benefits of security tokens offering for investors.

Invest in Early Stages Without Fees
Security Tokens open the door for everyone to invest in promising companies in the early stages! Prior to security tokens, there were only two ways that investors could get involved in the early stages of investing, either by becoming an accredited investor or by taking part in crowdinvesting where there were two types of fees charged: up to 6% from the whole campaign and 2% from the payout to an investors.

New Market
Crowdinvesting made people millionaires in the early stages of its development. STO market is predicted to be worth around $8 trillion by 2024. New markets always open the window for investors to make gigantic profits. The most popular success story of the early 2000s is the story of Peter Thiel.

4000% is the exact return Peter Thiel obtained after Facebook went public in 2012. Eight years earlier, in 2004, Thiel invested half a million dollars in the company, thus having become the first investor in Facebook. This case illustrates that early-stage investments can bring outstanding returns. When you invest in security tokens, you basically have the opportunity to invest early without having to wait for IPO, just like Thiel.

Invest With More Flexibility
Currently, in the traditional security markets, investors are only able to purchase financial instruments using fiat currency. Security Tokens can be purchased with fiat as well as with cryptocurrency.

Investor Protection
The main issue with ICOs and the major issue for the whole crypto market is a lack of regulation, hence no investor protection mechanism is in place.

The case with Security Token Offerings is completely different since security tokens are treated as “Tokenized Securities” by most of the regulators thus same traditional securities laws apply for security tokens. This means that a company that issues security tokens has to fully comply with all applicable securities regulations.

Improved Processes
In traditional markets, you rely on a number of entities: Security Issuer, Brokers, Transfer Agents, Registrars, Clearing Firms, Custodians. With STO there are only 2 entities you have to trust: the issuer and the platform, thus any risks of data tampering and manipulation are also drastically reduced.

Trade When You Want
Most traditional markets are tied to strict working hours. Most US stock markets open trading at 9.30am and close at 4.00pm each weekday, with the exclusion of holidays. While markets are closed, any number of influential events may occur. Security Tokens are available 24/7. By enabling around-the-clock trading of assets, investors get an opportunity to act on new information in a timely manner.

Improved Settlement
Traditional securities take at least 2 business days to settle. Security tokens are built using blockchain technology that allows transactions to be executed in near-real time.

Benefits of Security Tokens Investors Community

Exclusive Offers
Members of Security Tokens Investors Club will get early access to the most STOs available on Tokenomica’s Security Tokens Issuance Platform.

Exclusive Content
Members of Security Tokens Investors Club will get free access to exclusive offers, market analytics, market researches, meetups, and webinars held by Tokenomica, experienced investors, market influencers, and companies that launch their STOs on Tokenomica.

Make Your Mark
Take part in the development of our community. Share your thoughts with other investors in our community, publish your analytics, and share your investment experience.

Self-regulated Community
In the early stages of development, Tokenomica will manage all activities regarding the Investors Club. In one year, we plan to conduct voting to choose the management board of the club and the chairman. The role of Tokenomica will be reduced to providing access to exclusive offers on STO Marketplace.

Open for Everyone
For now, everyone can apply to join our club. There is no entry fee and no barriers. We will review your admission based on the information and inform you about our decision. In the future, admission criteria will be decided by the management board.

Apply now and join the new age of investing. For all questions, feel free to contact us via email [email protected]