Karma Starts the Swap and Additional Fundraising Campaign on Tokenomica

February 17, 2020

Become a shareholder of an SME Loans Exchange that grows roughly 40% each month

We are delighted to announce that Karma has started the conversion of previously issued utility tokens to securities on Tokenomica. Additionally to that, Karma launches the new fundraising round that will be available for all Tokenomica users until March 31th.

Karma’s Business and Campaign

Karma has managed to build SME Loans Exchange that currently has more than 6 000 registered investors, with the average IRR for investors of 19.6%. Outside of that, the platform grows roughly 40% each month, in 2019 the LTV/CAC ratio has surpassed the 3x mark.

Outside of providing special financing programs for SMEs that have been declined by the bank, wholesale amounts of borrowers. Karma’s mission lies in:

  • Empowering entrepreneurs with fast access to capital and the ability to make their business more transparent and efficient;
  • Cutting down the interest rates in emerging countries via increasing the level of trust, lowering the default rates and creating an efficient market;
  • Allowing founders to focus on making better products rather than spend 90% of time seeking for funding.

Karma already has regular borrowers, who prefer p2p lending to bank financing. Furthermore, Karma is partnering with several financial institutions to work with customers, who do not satisfy bank requirements but still receive a high scoring rate.

Right now, Karma is offering 3% of tokenized equity on Tokenomica, with the overall price of $300 000 and the minimum investment amount of 0,0165 BTC.

Equity holders will be provided with a wide range of corporate rights including profit-sharing rights, including a payout in case of the sale of the company, rights to sue for wrongful acts and much more.

The current business forecast projects that Karma will reach self-sustainability by June 2020, meaning that your investment will start providing you major benefits in a short timeframe.

Check out Karma’s page on the Marketplace for more information

Utility-to-Security Swap

During the Swap, current Karma token holders will convert their utility tokens to tokenized equity issued in full compliance with EU regulations on Tokenomica. Therefore, token holders will become full-fledged shareholders.

Learn more about Utility-to-Security Swap and the Karma case

Within the Swap, Karma users will convert 2 billion tokens which equals to 30% of tokenized equity. The Swap will be conducted in the timeframes with the offering: February, 11 — March, 31.

Below you will be able to find the summary for both the offering and the Swap.

Offering Details
Target Amount 33 BTC ($300 000)
Minimum Investment 0,0165 BTC ($150)
Asset Offered Shares
Offering Jurisdiction Estonia
Equity offered 3%
Swap Details
Amount to be Converted 2 Billion KRM
Post-money valuation €10 M
Asset Offered Shares
Offering Jurisdiction Estonia
Equity offered 30%

If you would like to find out more information about Karma’s campaign or Karma, feel free to follow useful links below:

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If you have any questions regarding Karma’s campaign or investment process on Tokenomica, feel free to address any questions in our chat and don’t forget to check out our guide on using Tokenomica.