New Campaign, Development of New Features, The First Private Offering. Tokenomica News. May 2020

June 01, 2020

We are delighted to bring you the new edition of Tokenomica News! Here you can find what we’ve been up to for the last month.

New Campaign on Tokenomica

We are delighted to announce the new campaign on Tokenomica! E-Shop focuses on selling almost new household appliances and electronics of famous world brands. Mtehnika provides customers with the opportunity to purchase quality devices at a reasonable price.

Each device is thoroughly checked and verified performed prior to being placed for sale, while the price of such appliances is 30-60% cheaper than new ones.

Find out more details about the offering on our Marketplace.

The First Private Offering on Tokenomica

Along with the opportunity to launch public campaigns, Tokenomica provides the solution to launch private offerings on the platform. We are proud to announce that last month we have successfully conducted the first private offering on the platform and more campaigns will be launched in the next months.

Development of Cap Table Management Feature

We are moving to the last stages of development of one the most important back-office management features — cap table management.

If the company issued tokenized securities on Tokenomica, all information regarding your cap table will be uploaded in the system automatically.

Those companies that had an investment round before will be able to use the feature as well, Just add or import all the info regarding previous rounds, and the system will check and approve the information.

Outside of automated management, we have also included an opportunity to plan the next investment round based on the current capitalization. This way, you won’t have to spend additional time on the planning and calculations, the system will do everything for you. Comparacement table of each round is also added for your convenience.

Learn more in our blog:

Development of the Voting Feature

Along with that, we are finishing up the voting feature that will allow issuers to conduct votings and investors to express their will and influence the future of the company.

When it comes to voting, the issuer sends the agenda to shareholders. Shareholders have several options:

1) Accept the agenda fully;
2) Propose new item to the agenda (must be accepted by the majority of other shareholders);
3) Vote to accept the new items to the agenda.

When the voting day comes, all shareholders receive the bulletin, in which they vote on items. Information about the vote is recorded in the blockchain so that all shareholders can check the results with actual votes. Our goal is to make voting as decentralized as humanly possible.

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