STIP Sandbox will be back up and running on June 26th

June 21, 2019 News

We are currently experiencing some technical issues on the STIP. To be exact, Waves Testnet block height was rolled back by 30.000 blocks due to the upcoming release of Smart contracts feature on the Mainnet.

Newly introduced features usually undergo Testnet environment before getting rolled out on the Mainnet. They may sometimes cause regression and create bottlenecks for the whole chain. Rollbacks of Testnet are there to solve those problems and prevent them from happening on the Mainnet.

Due to this rollback, all the campaigns initiated on STIP have been permanently deleted, as if they never existed.

We have expected this rollback to happen as it was critical for the Waves team to prepare the full release of RIDE on the Mainnet.

For this scenario, we’ve prepared a backup plan:

1. All the information that you’ve provided for your STO campaigns in questionnaires was saved. If you have already started completing our questionnaires, your progress is saved, you will be able to continue from the exact point where you previously stopped;

2.  All the campaigns that were already launched on STIP and got listed on our STO Marketplace will have to reissue their tokens and relaunch their STOs. The exact amount of funds that was raised prior to the rollback will be refunded to your campaign from Tokenomica;

3. Next STIP update is coming next Tuesday, June 25th. The reason for this is that block height might be decreased again next Monday and we want to prevent this situation from happening ever again.

4. Our STO contest will be back live next Wednesday, June 26th with the increased prize fund of 10 000 Waves.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank you for being with us! Stay tuned for further updates, we will inform you as the issue is solved.