The New Version of Tokenomica is Launched!

September 05, 2019

We are happy to announce the launch of the new version of Tokenomica. Our platform offers businesses of any size a solution to launch a fully compliant fundraising campaign and get easy access to secondary markets. For investors, we have developed Marketplace where all the past and on-going campaigns are available.

“We believe that in the next few years tokenized securities will dramatically change the current landscape of the investment market.” – Artem Tolkachev, Tokenomica’s Founder and CEO.

“When we first started working on Tokenomica, we had two main purposes:  to make the tokenized securities issuance process as easy and automated as it can be; and to create the Marketplace in the secure, regulated, and compliant environment where issuers could raise capital and investors could invest their projects”.

If you have been following Tokenomica for a while, you might know that previously Tokenomica was an ecosystem that included multiple products. We have changed our approach and now Tokenomica is a single product that includes: Smart Securities Issuance, Marketplace and Crypto Exchange. All features are available at one place, from one account and both investments and crypto assets are displayed in this account. There is no need to switch back and forth between different products.

A few other significant features, such as secondary trading of smart securities (Q1 2020), OTC trading (Q4 2019), and fully-regulated fiat gateway (Fall-Winter 2019) will be added to the platform.

Smart Securities Issuance

The cornerstone of the platform that allows companies of any scale to easily conduct compliant fundraising campaigns, issue and distribute smart securities to their investors, and manage all post-campaign activities.

Our smart securities issuance system combines the legal expertise of partners from several countries and the technological stack of Waves Smart Accounts and Smart Assets.

It works as a single point of entry for all projects that want to raise money through the offering of tokenized financial instruments. All smart securities issued on STIP are fully compliant with security market regulations.

Based on the Waves Blockchain, we made smart securities issuance easy for issuers. We achieve this by using Smart Assets technology that allows issuers to design a fully compliant digital asset that has built-in features attractive for investors. No programming skills required.

Along with that, the use of the blockchain technology provides for a completely new brokerage system which transforms the way traditional securities are accounted and administered, reduces the overall costs at every stage and eliminates numerous intermediaries.

Right now, companies are to raise funds in BTC, WAVES, TUSD, and EURS. Right now, the company is working on the implementation of a fully compliant fiat gateway that will enable users to easily trade crypto-assets for Euro and raise funds in the Euro as well.


A regulated marketplace that enables investors to invest in early stages without fees.

Our Marketplace opens the door for everyone to invest in promising companies in the early stages. Prior, there were only two ways that investors could get involved in the early stages of investing, either by becoming an accredited investor or by taking part in crowdinvesting where they were fees two types of fees charged: up to 6% from the whole campaign and 2% from the payout to investors.

How it Works
After an issuer launches campaign, it automatically appears on our Marketplace. In order to make the right investment decision, investors are able to check all information about the campaign on the campaign’s page.

Investor Protection
Smart securities are treated as “Tokenized Securities” by most of the regulators thus same traditional securities laws apply for smart securities. This means that a company that issues smart securities has to fully comply with all applicable securities regulations.

Quality Assets Only
As security tokens are the actual financial instruments which designate existing traditional assets. Just like any existing traditional market instruments, they may grant rights in:

● Virtual or physical assets ownership;

● Profit-sharing;

● Financial commitments;

● Dividend payments;

● Direct or indirect participation in the management of the company.

Improved Processes
In traditional markets, you rely on a number of entities: Security Issuer, Brokers, Transfer Agents, Registrars, Clearing Firms, Custodians. With Tokenomica, there are only 2 entities you have to trust: the issuer and the platform, thus any risks of data tampering and manipulation are also drastically reduced.

Automated Offering
Tokenomica creates a new way for market participants to interact with each other by facilitating automated corporate governance, redemptions, periodical payments, and other features. Blockchain makes it possible to process these actions in an automated, compliant and transparent way.

Flexible Investments
If you don’t have the type of asset needed for investment in a certain campaign, Tokenomica will automatically offer you an opportunity to exchange funds in your wallet.

At the launch, there are two campaigns available:

1. The Personalised Protein Co
Personalized Protein Co (PPCo) is a direct-to-consumer supplement brand aimed at bridging the gap between technology & fitness.

2. Planks Clothing
Planks is a skier's brand, experience, and community with a passion for the outdoors and our planet, ethically producing technical ski clothing and streetwear.

Crypto Exchange

Most importantly, our exchange plays the role of the bridge between crypto assets, smart securities issued on Tokenomica and in the near future fiat money. It enables issuers to easily exchange raised capital and allows investors to forget about previous barriers based on the type of the crypto asset they are currently owning.

Regarding the features, everything else stays the same. Our exchange combined the best features of both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Our solution is currently the only regulated DEX.

All orders are executed and settled in the decentralized environment: on the Waves blockchain. Every exchange transaction that is made is verified by nodes of the Waves blockchain and can be seen in the Waves blockchain Explorer.

Client acceptance, whitelist maintenance, asset quality assurance, and custody of fiat—everything is performed in a centralized manner which allows the platform to comply with regulations. The information regarding these matters is also stored in the blockchain and can be reviewed at any time.

Tokenomica's Offering

Our offering will be coming later this month.

1% of all shares of Tokenomica OU will be granted in the form of preferred shares.

Right now, we recommend you to complete KYC on Tokenomica, having done this, you will be able to become one of the first investors in Tokenomica.

Register now and invest in real businesses, attract capital with ease and trade crypto assets in a fully regulated environment!