Time to Get Acquainted: Meet Our Team!

December 11, 2019 STO

Platform is nothing without people behind it, we figured it would be a good idea to introduce you to Tokenomica’s team — after all,  you’d probably welcome the opportunity to learn a bit more about the folks behind the platform. Here’s what we have to share.

First of all, Tokenomica is a company with quite an interesting origin story. The initial team was comprised of four people working in Deloitte CIS Blockchain Lab: each of them had a strong legal background and considerable expertise in tokenization, blockchain and crypto. Above all things that make people gravitate towards each other and unite, these five people had a shared vision of the disruptive effect tokenization could have on the future of financial markets. When the idea to build a regulated platform for issuance and trading of tokenized securities came up, the gang unmoored from Deloitte to start their own company. That’s how Tokenomica was born.

In roughly a year since Tokenomica’s inception, our team has grown from 6 members in the beginning to its current 22 — just about two dozen bright minds working from Moscow, Amsterdam, Alicante, Tallinn and San Gwann. Over the course of the following year, our numbers are expected to double. Naturally, each member of the team could share their unique perspective that deserves its spotlight; however, putting every perspective on paper would probably take us a novel — so this time, we’ll focus on the lead members only. Let’s find out a little more about them.

Artem Tolkachev
CEO & Founder of Tokenomica

As stated before, the origin story of Tokenomica goes back to the four people working in the Deloitte CIS Blockchain lab. The thing is, the Lab itself had been founded and headed by none other than Artem Tolkachev — the person later to become Tokenomica’s CEO. An IP&IT lawyer and entrepreneur, Artem led a range of innovative projects involving the implementation of enterprise blockchain solutions, tokenization of real-world assets, tax and legal structuring of STOs, blockchain legislation, and more. By the time Tokenomica was founded, he had been a key blockchain & tokenization opinion leader in the CIS region with six years of experience in the field.

Of course, no one could provide deeper insights into the thoughts of Tokenomica’s CEO than Artem himself — check out his recent message to Tokenomica’s investors. You can also take a look at his recent interview, where Artem reminisces on his initial idea of the project.

Kirill Zheleznov

One of the members of the initial team, prior to joining Tokenomica Kirill was working at the Deloitte CIS Blockchain as a consultant, managing and leading several blockchain projects that involved implementation of distributed ledger solutions in corporations as well as tokenization of physical assets and support of ICO campaigns. He was also developing internal legal tech prototypes and advising clients on legal automation at Deloitte.

“As a part of my previous job in Deloitte, I’ve been involved in several projects that revolved around legal automation for businesses. That experience had a huge impact on the way I perceived certain legal concepts — above all, the concept of legal entity and corporations. The thing is, even though we’ve been living in the digital age for quite a while, the process of setting up and maintaining a company is somehow still very much reminiscent of the Victorian times: there’s too much paperwork, too many unnecessary complications.

Well, the way I see it, a corporation is basically just a sum of its rights and obligations — why can’t we let them loose from the restraints of the real world with all its imperfections by virtue of transferring them into a completely digital environment? This would make things so much simpler.  

This leads me to the goal I’m set to accomplish with Tokenomica: to contribute to the formation of a world where a corporation exists and functions completely digitally from the moment it is founded till the point of its dissolution. That’s what we’re working here at Tokenomica — we’ve started from the processes of the capital attraction that takes place in the beginning of the incorporation of a company, and we’re also working on the processes involving interaction between company’s shareholders and its creditors. In the future, any given piece of paperwork — for instance, articles of incorporation written on a piece of paper  — will be considered a peculiar atavism, a relic from the past.”      

Georgy Ghukasian
General Counsel

Georgy previously worked at Deloitte CIS and holds a law degree from Madrid Complutense University in Spain. For the last five years, he has been providing consulting services to financial sector companies.  Having taken part in a number of global projects focused on ICO support, tokenization of assets and structuring of crypto exchange operations, Georgy has hands-on knowledge of the fintech and crypto industries. He is also involved in project management of several financial projects in the Waves ecosystem and is secretary of BetterTokens association, an association focused on establishing global tokenization standards for token issuers.

“I am a firm believer that crypto should be regulated; coincidentally, the guys Tokenomica’s team are trying to build a regulated platform in a regulated environment. We have the same goals and a shared vision of the future — that’s why I find my work at Tokenomica so rewarding.”    

Babek Novruzov
Head of Legal Department

Babek worked as a consultant at Deloitte CIS Blockchain lab, managing and leading several blockchain projects and advising businesses on legal automatization. In addition, Babek managed several projects involving the implementation of blockchain-based applications into clients' business processes.

“From the legal perspective, up to this day, almost everything related to crypto and tokenization represents something of a Wild West for regulators and businesses alike. Effectively, my job as a lawyer at Tokenomica requires me to come up with unconventional, out-of-the-box solutions to complex legal problems on an almost daily basis — after all, I’m supposed to provide legal support to a company that exists in the environment that’s barely regulated. As far as problem-solving in jurisprudence goes, it can’t get more challenging than that. I can't help but enjoy this fact.”

Vladislav Komissarov

Vladislav has over 17 years of experience in web development. For over 8 years, he has developed and managed major ICT products and services on the CIS market. Prior to his work in Tokenomica, Vladislav was an Associate Director for Development at Interfax Group where he was working on SCAN, a media monitoring system. Later he became the Development Director for the main IT product of Interfax Group — SPARK, the system for verification, analysis, and monitoring of companies.

“By the time I decided to join Tokenomica, I’ve been taking close interest in what was going on in the crypto for quite a while already: with all the innovation that was happening there around that time, it seemed like a promising field for someone with my background to work in. That’s why the opportunity to fill the position of Tokenomica’s CTO seemed so thrilling, and I’m glad I took it: each day here is basically a new exciting challenge. Our work on the platform is far from over, yet we’ve already managed to achieve a lot.”

Vasiliy Isaichkin
Lead Developer

Vasiliy is a web developer with extensive experience in the development of complex infrastructural applications from scratch. In 2001, he started as a system administrator to later become the chief system administrator in a major FMCG company. In 2007, he moved to DevOps. Later in his career, Vasiliy worked on website development (PHP) as well as mobile and website development. Prior to joining Tokenomica, he was working at Waves as a developer.

Website and application development are my primary area of expertise. From this perspective, Tokenomica seemed quite an interesting project to take part in, so when I found out the guys were in search of a developer, I’ve decided to take the opportunity. Turns out, it was a good decision — I’m really excited about what we’ve achieved so far as well as what we’re up to.”

Maxim Bokov
Head of Design

Prior to joining Tokenomica, Maxim was working as a designer for the major design agency Art. Lebedev Studio, creating websites and digital products for major CIS companies. Holding a Design and Fine Arts degree, Maxim has 8+ years of experience in digital design, particularly in such areas as interface and branding design, user experience and design systems, user testing and art direction.

“Developing a design for the product that’s innovative in so many ways is an incredibly challenging, yet rewarding experience. As far as UX-design is considered, there are few trodden paths here: when working on certain features, you often run into previously unexplored problems — there’s a lot of room for true creativity and innovation. The opportunity to pioneer new solutions in the field that to this day remains somewhat of a terra incognita for a UX-designer — that’s what excites me the most about this job.”

Marie-Virginie Arras
MLRO - Compliance Officer

A French and Commonwealth Law lawyer, Marie occupied the position of Compliance Manager and MLRO for BTC.com, a subsidiary of Bitmain. Prior to Bitmain, she worked as a consultant and compliance analyst in AML, CTF, CDD and KYC. At Tokenomica, Marie is responsible for implementing the AML policies and framework for all financial products. She’s also responsible for GDPR.

“The reason I joined Tokenomica is simple: to contribute to the development of the company set to become on the leaders in the cryptocurrency economy on creating a fully regulated environment, providing my help with compliance issues and other challenges that the process of building such a company involves.”

Bronson Tang
Head of Sales

Prior to joining Tokenomica, Bronson worked as digital marketing manager for Pulsar360, a subsidiary of Sherweb, where he managed, created and conducted all marketing and strategic initiatives. Prior to Pulsar360 he worked as Channel Sales Manager, with over 10 years experience in sales and marketing. Along with that, he has experience in database programming and administration, having worked for Mattel, Microsoft, Sempra Energy and Corbis.

“I was originally introduced to Artem Tolkachev by Roman Zak whom I have known very closely, as we have both been in crypto and blockchain together for quite some time. When I’ve learned more about what Tokenomica was set to do back then, I immediately wanted to join the team — there is no doubt that decentralized finance and most importantly smart securities and security token offerings (STO) will be the future. The team is world class, the product is enterprise level, and what we are doing to transform decentralized finance landscape is immensely exciting.”

We’ve got quite a team, haven’t we? Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed the acquaintance. More interviews and insights into our work at Tokenomica will follow. Till next time!