Tokenomica: 2019 in Review

December 23, 2019 STO

2019 was a gigantic year for Tokenomica. Our platform grew significantly, as we have managed to launch 3 major features. Of course, no platform is able to exist without the people behind it. When we started this year, there were only 6 of us and now Tokenomica counts more than 20 people all around the world.

Meet our Team

Of course, an equally significant part of the platform is users — during 2019 we have managed to acquire 650 users. And we would like to thank each and every one of you for believing in us and becoming part of the Tokenomica family.

With the year coming to the end, we would like to share the most important results of 2019. Let’s go!

The Platform

The main result of 2019 for us was the successful launch of most features of Tokenomica. Our team worked in the non-stop mode in order to bring the working product that we would be proud to release and you would be pleased to use.

Moreover, some of the solutions that we have managed to create, weren’t planned initially but came up with some cool ideas in the process. Let’s go step by step and take a look at each feature of Tokenomica separately.

Regulated Exchange

Even though the initial launch of our exchange takes back to late 2018, the full public launch of the exchange took place on the 19th of April right after Waves3.0 Birthday Meetup. The significant benefit of our exchange lies in the fact that we provide decentralized trading in a regulated environment.

Outside of that, our exchange is the first insured DEX on the market. From a technical point of view, we take pride in developing a fully transparent gateway that is used for all assets issued outside of Waves Blockchain, including fiat payments.

CEO and Founder of Tokenomica, Artem Tolkachev presenting Tokenomica during Waves3.0 Birthday Meetup

The Launch of Euro on Tokenomica

From day one, we have seen our exchange as the regulated bridge between crypto assets and fiat. A solution that will allow users to easily deposit, withdraw and trade fiat in a fully regulated manner. Obviously, this couldn't have been achieved without the launch of fiat on Tokenomica which has finally happened this December.

Smart Securities Issuance and the Marketplace

Our issuance platform has significantly improved after the launch of the first beta in December 2018, which included three questionnaires for issuers. After filling them out, the platform indicated the best issuance instrument and as a result, users were able to contact our legal partners and start the preparation process for their campaigns on the full version.

Our design has significantly improved :)

And this beta wasn’t the last one. The second beta of the issuance platform pretty much mimicked the final product. During the testing period, we have launched the STO Contest that allowed the best campaigns to win Waves.

Outside of the issuance platform, this beta version also included the first beta of the Marketplace.

Overall, we had over 1 000 users that tested the second beta of the issuance platform and the Marketplace.

The New Tokenomica

In September, Tokenomica has finally come to the next step in the development and the new version of Tokenomica was launched. We have changed our approach and Tokenomica became a single product that includes: Smart Securities Issuance, Marketplace and Crypto Exchange. All features became available at one place, from one account. At this moment, Tokenomica as a platform transformed to what we initially wanted it to be — a place where companies are able to raise funds with ease and allows investors to participate in campaigns that they believe in.

Since then, Tokenomica hosted 3 successful campaigns on the Marketplace:

1. The Personalised Protein Co, raising 1100 Waves;
2. Planks Clothing raising 0.07 BTC;

And most importantly the PreSale round of our campaign during which we have managed to raise 30 BTC two days before the end of the campaign.


A major update for the platform came on November 25th with the launch of the T-Wallet — secure and accessible solution that allows users to store both crypto and smart securities in the same wallet. 2 minutes, no installation of third-party software and a blockchain download.  

Outside of providing an easier account setup, our key priority was to provide the maximum level of security to our users.

Before the creation of T-Wallet, our users were limited to the number of devices they could use. Due to the availability of Waves Keeper for Google Chrome, Mozilla, Yandex Browser, Edge, Brave and Opera only.

With T-Wallet everything is different, as it enables users to invest in companies using smartphones, tablets or Safari browser, helping access Tokenomica from any device.

But outside of developing the platform itself, we have managed to close several partnerships and started onboarding corporate clients. Let’s go over them in the next section.

Bonds Tokenization

The biggest campaign to come to Tokenomica in 2020 is a tokenization case in a partnership with one of the major issuers of Eurobonds in Europe — a company that aims to bring a competitive alternative to zero-yielding stablecoins by providing crypto investors with a traditional fixed income asset that generates daily profits. As a part of this partnership, tokenized Eurobonds worth up to $10m will be offered on Tokenomica.

We will be delighted to bring you more details on the case in early 2020!

6 Other Campaigns to Come in 2020

Of course, Tokenomica can’t exist without corporate clients. Outside of tokenized bonds, we will be delighted to bring you at least 6 more campaigns on Tokenomica over the course of 2020.

We are currently onboarding a European startup offering a spectrum of natural dietary supplements that invigorate mind, body, and soul. On top of that, the European dietary supplements market is forecasted to reach USD 26.2 billion by 2024, registering a CAGR of 4.6% during the forecast period.

We’re also working out a deal with an international telecom operator with an emphasis on phone call protection. Their subscribers are provided several cool features that ensure the security of conversations.

Furthermore, we’re currently in negotiations with one of the pioneers of the CBD industry in Europe — a company focused on manufacturing hemp products of the highest quality, including pure hemp cigarettes, tobacco & hemp cigarettes, and more. In Europe alone, over the course of 2018, the market has grown more than in the previous six years and is estimated to be worth up to €123 billion by 2028.

Other clients, we wanted to mention include: an e-commerce website with a focus on consumer electronics, an international p2p-lending platform that matches borrowing businesses with lenders from all around the world, and a blockchain-powered company offering a promising alternative to traditional betting services. We’ll share more info about each of these projects next time.

We’ll keep updating you on our progress with each of these companies, so stay tuned!

Utility-to-Security: Karma Case

Along with our corporate clients, we have also launched the new business stream for Tokenomica — Utility-to-Security.

Utility-to-Security Swap is the brand new feature created by our team that allows companies to convert previously issued utility tokens into tokenized assets (securities, equities), providing the required level of compliance to both companies and investors.

We are bringing balance to the force

The first client that has opted to go with our solution is Karma SME loans exchange.

The utility-to-security swap will allow Karma token holders to become shareholders, providing a whole range of corporate rights including equity ownership, profit-sharing rights, voting rights, rights to sue for wrongful acts and much more. Еquity issuanсe will allow Karma to build a compliant “company-shareholder" relationship model, increasing the overall reputation of the company and ensuring the trust of current token holders.

Learn more about the case


During 2019, we have also managed to visit more than 15 conferences worldwide with an opportunity to present Tokenomica to investors and the fintech professionals.

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And there is more to come in 2020

Even though 2019 was an eventful year for us, we are planning to keep the same pace in the upcoming year, bringing you the secondary trading facility for smart securities, fiat payments for all users, at least 7 campaigns on the platform, the main round of Tokenomica’s campaign, OTC trading facility. On top of the aforementioned solutions soon to be implemented on the platform, we plan to introduce several features that will be of assistance to both issuers and investors, including post-STO management, a feature that allows companies to manage activities such as dividend distribution and shareholder voting after the fundraising campaign; investor dashboard enabling investors to monitor issuer activities on a real-time basis; cap table management and much much more.

Thank you for being with us, we highly value your support and we’ll see you in 2020!