Tokenomica and Wise Wolves Group Have Launched a Strategic Partnership Which Includes Investment in the Platform, Co-Development of Secondary Trading Facility for Tokenized Securities and New Tokenization Solutions

March 12, 2020

Financial and Investment Group Wise Wolves Group has closed a partnership with a platform for automated issuance, offering and trading of tokenized assets — Tokenomica.

Wise Wolves Group will invest EUR 1,5 mln and will take an active role in the future development of Tokenomica’s business.

Through the partnership, companies will co-develop and offer new compliant tokenization solutions and products, which will target the existing clients of Tokenomica and Wise Wolves Group and will allow companies to expand their client bases. Additionally to that, Tokenomica will also be able to offer crypto-related services to current corporate clients of the Group.

Wise Wolves Group is always looking towards the implementation of cutting edge technologies in order to provide the most advanced and up-to-date solutions.”  — Sergey Stopnevich, co-founder and Managing Director of Wise Wolves Group.

We have been working closely with Tokenomica for several months now and witnessed the rapid development of their solution. We are confident that we will be able to provide great new products to our clients together with Tokenomica and our partnership will prove to be mutually beneficial.”

At the same time, the new partnership will allow Tokenomica to leap forward in the development of the platform. Together with Wise Wolves Group, Tokenomica will be able to develop the infrastructure for a fully compliant secondary trading facility for tokenized securities which is scheduled to launch later this year.
The investment of Wise Wolves Group proves the potential of the platforms that are working with tokenized securities. However, this partnership will not be limited by the investment, as it will allow us to build a compliant secondary trading facility for tokenized assets — a massive step forward for both Tokenomica and the whole industry.” — Artem Tolkachev, Founder and CEO of Tokenomica.

About Tokenomica
Tokenomica is an EU-based financial platform for issuing and trading of smart securities, allowing investors to invest in fundraising campaigns, combining the best elements of traditional financial markets and technology.

About Wise Wolves Group
WISE WOLVES GROUP provide full spectrum of services that supports an array of industries such as Brokerage, Finance, Investment, Payments, Management Consultancy, Corporate, Fund and Trust Administration and Tax Consultancy, to our international, local clients and associates globally.