Tokenomica: Current State and Plans

October 29, 2019 STO

It’s been almost a year into the Tokenomica platform development process — seems like the right time to take stock of what’s been achieved so far. In case you’ve been wondering where are we now and what are we up to, here’s a brief overview of our recent progress and future plans.

Past milestones

We’re moving forward at a breakneck pace. Much has been done since the inception of the project in November 2018 — in roughly one year, we’ve managed to launch 3 out of 4 major components of the Tokenomica ecosystem.

Smart Securities Issuance

First, we have built the cornerstone of the ecosystem — Smart Securities Issuance Platform, a single entry point for projects choosing to raise funds through tokenized assets. Providing companies of any scale with an opportunity to easily conduct fundraising campaigns, the platform implements several technological solutions that make smart securities issuance compare favourably to the traditional methods of capital attraction: both pre-issuance, issuance and post-campaign management are completely automated and don’t require any programming skills at all. The seemingly complicated issuance process takes just a couple of clicks:  choose a tokenization tool, customize your token, wait till our legal partners in the given jurisdiction provide the legal structuring for your offering — now you can launch your campaign. And let’s not forget built-in regulation and administration mechanisms — they are all there. It’s as simple and user-friendly as it can probably get.  


Second, we’ve developed the Marketplace that combines the best elements of the blockchain technology and traditional financial markets. Unlike most other comparable platforms,  assets traded on the Marketplace are actual tokenized securities. This means that any company offering its smart securities to the investors on our platform has to fully comply with all applicable regulations. You can learn the details of the offering and legal info on the issuer’s page and make a well-considered decision — to invest or not to invest. Once again, all in a couple of clicks.

Another major advantage of the Marketplace is that it is free of any investor fees. Take, for instance, crowd investing platforms in Europe, where investors are being charged fees for their profits (ranging from 3% to 7%). By contrast, our Marketplace offers investors the opportunity to invest in promising companies in the early stages without paying any fees; as for the issuers, token issuance is currently also free of charge.

The first regulated DEX

Last but not least, we’ve managed to launch the first regulated decentralized cryptocurrency exchange based on the proven technology, Waves DEX. Tokenomica’s exchange represents a hybrid of centralized and decentralized approaches: the Waves blockchain allows for decentralized execution and settlement of orders, while client acceptance, whitelist maintenance, custody of fiat and asset quality assurance are performed in a centralized manner — otherwise the platform would not comply with the existing Maltese regulations, which it does.

It stands to mention that no other platform on the market combines issuance, marketplace and exchange facilities — the integration of the Marketplace with Tokenomica’s exchange allows investors to seamlessly purchase currencies accepted by issuers without even leaving our website. Say, an issuer listed on our website picked BTC as accepted currency, whereas an investor is only in possession of TUSD — in this case, the latter can instantly swap TUSD for BTC by virtue of our exchange. This saves a lot of time.

It also makes us proud to know that Tokenomica’s exchange happens to be the first insured DEX on the market: it’s operator — Tokenomica Malta Limited — successfully contracted insurance policy in April 2019.

In broad outline, the aforementioned achievements encapsulate our progress up to this moment.

What’s next?

If you’ve been long familiar with the project, you probably know its concept has been several times augmented (if not outright redefined) since Tokenomica’s early days. We keep polishing this concept, keep introducing new features and coming up with new exciting ideas. It’s a work in progress.

As for the blueprint for the near future, here’s what we’re up to.

Fiat gateway

First and foremost, Tokenomica’s exchange is envisioned to become the bridge between fiat and crypto — we’re working on the implementation of a fully compliant fiat gateway that will provide users with an opportunity to trade crypto for Euro and vice-versa. The launch of the fiat gateway is expected in Q4 2019 - Q1 2020.

P2P trading of smart securities

There’s also the fourth major component of the Tokenomica ecosystem in development right now — the Secondary Trading Platform, a P2P trading facility where smart securities issued on Tokenomica will be exchanged. In order to bring secondary trading of smart securities in compliance with EU regulations, we will operate it under Category 3 Investment Services license. Providing liquidity to the assets issued on Tokenomica by allowing to trade them in a decentralized manner, the Secondary Trading Platform will become another logical step in the development of the project. The launch is expected in 2020.


Looking to meet the demands of the larger-scale enterprises, we are also developing a feature that will allow over-the-counter trading on Tokenomica’s exchange. With OTC, traders will be able to trade large amounts of assets in an efficient, private and secure way. As for the moment, there are no regulated OTC trading solutions for security tokens on the market — we’re aiming to fill this gap.

… and other features. Lots of them

On top of the aforementioned solutions soon to be implemented on the platform, we plan to introduce several features that will be of assistance to both issuers and investors, including: post-STO management, a feature that allows companies to manage activities such as dividend distribution and shareholder voting after the fundraising campaign; investor dashboard enabling investors to monitor issuer activities on a real-time basis; cap table management and more.

As said before, we’re moving at a breakneck pace. We will get there. Eventually.

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