Tokenomica in 1 Year: Our Vision

May 08, 2019

When we first thought about building Tokenomica, our vision was to build the world's first true regulated Ecosystem for Security Token Offerings and trading. Last month we’ve fully launched our Digital Assets Exchange — the first regulated DEX on the market and right now we are working on the development of our Security Tokens Issuance Platform and Security Tokens Trading Platform. In this article, we want to share our vision of how we see Tokenomica in one year.


Starting from the launch of all products, we are aiming to build the ecosystem in which different products are connected with each other. In one year, we see our Security Token Issuance Platform (STIP) as a single point of entry for all projects. All security tokens traded on our platform are issued on STIP and are fully compliant with security market regulations. Integration with our Digital Assets Exchange allows investors to invest in security tokens not only with fiat assets but also with cryptocurrencies. This creates a new layer of liquidity which is not available to traditional capital markets.

One account

To use all products of Tokenomica, you will need one account within Waves Keeper. This allows us to minimize the number of necessary steps: you will need to create just 1 account for the whole Ecosystem as well as go through the KYC process only once. This also allows trading on STTP with assets that are available on your Tokenomica account.

Flexible Payment Methods
One of the main goals of Tokenomica is to provide users with fully legal fiat gateways for all of our products, this is also one of the reasons why regulation and legal compliance is the top priority for us.

OTC Trading
In the course of the year, we will enable users to perform over-the-counter trading on both Digital Assets Exchange and Security Tokens Trading Platform. With OTC, trade is completed with the terms agreed between Tokenomica and the trader which allows trading of large amounts in a more efficient, private and secure way.
Let’s take a closer look at how we see the processes of Tokenomica in one year.

Issuance and STO

Security token offering is a great new way to raise funds but we believe that it should be automated as much as possible. Let’s take a closer look at how we see this process evolve in a year.

At this point, token issuance is fully automated. It encompasses the creation of tokens on a blockchain combined with legal structuring and fully compliant features built-in right into the code. Automation of these processes leads to a significant reduction of costs. This is a real step forward when compared to traditional fundraising methods which are overloaded with extensive costs.

After tokens are issued, it takes just two clicks to launch an STO campaign. Tokens can be listed on our STTP at any time after the issuance. Book building, investors KYC, bookkeeping, tokens distribution, tokensale statistics are available in your account at any time.

Users are able to manage companies activities from the Issuers back-office after STO is conducted. Our goal is to help modern companies eliminate excessive paperwork and automate back-office. Our platform will allow you to set rules (which in fact is a computer code) for the execution of your companies activities as well as automatic execution of token holders decisions and will also automatically create all the necessary legal documents.

In the range of 2 years, we expect one of our first clients to become a unicorn company.

Security Tokens Trading

In one year from now, trades will already be active, users will be able to trade security tokens using both crypto and fiat which opens the door to both traditional and crypto investors.

Quality of listed assets and legal compliance is one of the main goals for each of our products. To mitigate all the risks in regards to lack of data available investors are able to check all the information relevant to the securities’ issuer at any time. Along with that, we are planning to operate the Security Tokens Trading Platform under a Category 3 Investment Services license under Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (‘MiFID’) regime, which will assure our users that STTP is working in compliance with all the legal requirements.

Crypto Trading

Digital Assets Exchange is the first step in the development of Tokenomica's infrastructural solution for security token issuance and trading. In one year, we see our exchange as the leading solution for both experienced crypto traders and as the point of entry for traditional investors who weren’t familiar with crypto investing before.

Over the last years, many crypto traders lost their funds due to the lack of security, regulation, and transparency. Moreover, crypto exchanges had no legal responsibilities if funds were stolen, just like these funds were eliminated by the snap of Thanos. This issue also raised a number of concerns among traditional investors.

The main goal of our exchange is to provide traditional and institutional investors as well as a global crypto community with an opportunity to exchange their assets in a fully regulated environment that is focused on the investor protection and the quality of assets being offered to them. To do that, in one year, we will obtain a Class 4 VFA Service Provider license under Maltese regulation.

Right now, there are only three types of assets available on our Digital Assets Exchange, in one year we expect to provide our users with more assets but assuring the quality of listed assets will always be our main goal along with that legal fiat gateway will be available.

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