Tokenomica Launches the Financial Platform for Issuance and Trading of Smart Securities

September 05, 2019 News

Tokenomica has launched a financial platform for issuance and trading of tokenized assets. Tokenomica offers businesses of any size a solution to launch a fully compliant fundraising campaign and get easy access to secondary markets. For investors, the company developed Marketplace where all the past and on-going campaigns are available.

“We believe that in the next few years tokenized securities will dramatically change the current landscape of the investment market.” – said Artem Tolkachev, Tokenomica’s Founder and CEO. “When we first started working on Tokenomica, we had two main purposes:  to make the tokenized securities issuance process as easy and automated as it can be; and to create the Marketplace in the secure, regulated, and compliant environment where issuers could raise capital and investors could invest their projects. ”

To achieve this, the company has developed an automated smart securities issuance system which encompasses the creation of tokens on the blockchain that also includes legal structuring and fully compliant features built right into the code. Automation of these manual processes eliminates intermediaries, reduces the overhead of time and resources, which leads to a significant reduction of issuance costs. As a result, these advantages can potentially benefit investors, as the reduction of setup costs will provide companies with an opportunity to offer better investment terms.

Right now, Tokenomica allows companies to raise funds in BTC, WAVES, TUSD, EURS. For the convenience of both companies and investors, the platform offers the first regulated decentralized crypto exchange. Right now, the company is working on the implementation of a fully compliant fiat gateway that will enable users to easily trade crypto-assets for Euro and raiser fund in Euro as well.

Tokenomica’s CEO Artem Tolkachev has also announced that the company plans to offer its shares on the platform this September.

“We are currently onboarding corporate clients and will bring groundbreaking news for the industry in the near future. As we are observing the lack of tokenization use cases, we are going to create one ourselves. To do so, we will offer Tokenomica’s shares on the platform this September”  – said Artem Tolkachev, Tokenomica’s Founder and CEO.

About Tokenomica
Tokenomica is an EU-based financial platform for issuing and trading of smart securities and providing investors with the ability to invest in fundraising campaigns, combining the best elements of traditional financial markets and technology.

Tokenomica Contact:
Roman Rakhimov
Marketing Manager
[email protected]