Tokenomica is to Announce New Corporate Clients

November 27, 2019 News

Tokenomica — the all-in-one financial platform for automated issuance, offering and trading of tokenized securities, — has announced that it is currently onboarding new soon-to-be-revealed corporate clients.

The platform is currently working on a tokenization case in partnership with one of the major issuers of Eurobonds in Europe — a company that aims to bring a competitive alternative to stablecoins by providing crypto investors with a traditional fixed income asset that generates daily profits. As a part of this partnership, tokenized Eurobonds worth up to $10 mln will be offered on Tokenomica.

The company is also onboarding a European startup offering a spectrum of natural dietary supplements. The European dietary supplements market is forecasted to reach USD 26.2 billion by 2024, registering a CAGR of 4.6% during the forecast period.

In addition, Tokenomica is currently in negotiations with one of the pioneers of the CBD industry in Europe — a company focused on manufacturing hemp products. Over the course of 2018, the European cannabis industry has grown more than in the previous six years and is estimated to be worth up to €123 billion by 2028.

Other soon-to-be-announced Tokenomica’s clients include an international telecom operator with an emphasis on phone calls protection, an international p2p-lending platform that matches borrowing businesses with lenders, an e-commerce website with a focus on consumer electronics and a blockchain-powered company offering an alternative to traditional betting services. The platform will keep updating its users on the progress with each of these companies.

New partnerships and corporate clients are considered the main driver behind the valuation growth of Tokenomica according to the company’s own financial model. Tokenomica’s tokenized equity will be available to investors until the 15th of December.

About Tokenomica
Tokenomica is an EU-based financial platform for issuing and trading of smart securities, allowing investors to invest in fundraising campaigns, combining the best elements of traditional financial markets and technology.

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