Tokenomica News. April 2019 Update

May 02, 2019

Digital Assets Exchange is Fully Launched

Tokenomica has launched its new Digital Assets Exchange, which combines the best features of both centralized and decentralized exchanges, making it the first decentralized trading platform operating in a fully regulated environment. The product includes decentralized execution and settlement; centralized client acceptance; centralized asset quality assurance and centralized custody of fiat; and hybrid custody of crypto assets.

The  Digital Assets Exchange uses the latest advancements based on proven technology, Waves DEX, and centered on Smart Accounts and Smart Assets. Waves DEX has proven itself to be one of the safest exchanges on the market. We have taken the technology and made several important improvements.

Be one of the first 1,000 users and receive 10 Waves on your Tokenomica wallet.

The full presentation is available below.

Tokenomica’s Digital Assets Exchange is the First Insured DEX!

Tokenomica Malta Limited, the operator of Tokenomica’s Digital Assets Exchange is now covered for professional indemnity insurance.

“It is a great step for us!”, said Artem Tolkachev, Tokenomica’s Founder and CEO.  “Crypto market today lacks both regulation and legal responsibility. The insurance for our Digital Assets Exchange is an important step to bring decentralized crypto trading in a regulated environment and to provide our users with assurance that we are legally responsible”

Insurance arrangements have been designed, sourced and placed through the leading Maltese insurance broking firm Mediterranean Insurance Brokers (Malta) Limited, MIB, with reputable specialist security.

Answering the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Tokenomica’s Digital Assets Exchange

After the full launch of Digital Assets Exchange, we’ve received many questions from our user regarding the registration process. In our latest blog article, we’ve answered the most frequent of them. Make sure to check them out before you start the registration process: