Tokenomica News. June 2019

July 01, 2019 STO

We are happy to bring you the latest updates about Tokenomica. Here you can find what we’ve been up to for the last month!

STIP Sandbox Was Launched

This month we’ve launched STIP Sandbox — a virtual testing environment where users are able to issue their security tokens and launch the very own security token offering (STO) on the Waves Testnet blockchain. Along with that, users are able to invest in test campaigns. The full version of the STIP will be released this August, in the meantime, users will be able to test the platform without risking their funds.

Learn How to Launch Your Test STO on STIP Sandbox

STO Contest

Along with the launch of STIP Sandbox, we’ve started our STO Contest with the total prize fund of 10 000 WAVES.

The prize fund is divided into three major categories:

1) STO Campaigns — 6 500 Waves;

2) Investors in test STOs — 3 000 Waves;

3) The secret prize for the member of Security Tokens Investors Club — 500 Waves.

Click Here to Learn More About STO Contest

The Launch of Security Tokens Investors Club

Tokenomica is building the first true ecosystem for STOs and trading, along with that, we’ve decided to open the first ever community for investors in security tokens.

Benefits of Security Tokens Investors Club

Exclusive Offers
Members of Security Tokens Investors Club will get early access to the most STOs available on Tokenomica’s Security Tokens Issuance Platform.=

Exclusive Content
Members of Security Tokens Investors Club will get free access to exclusive offers, market analytics, market researches, meetups, and webinars held by Tokenomica, experienced investors, market influencers, and companies that launch their STOs on Tokenomica.

Make Your Mark
Take part in the development of our community. Share your thoughts with other investors in our community, publish your analytics, and share your investment experience.

Self-regulated Community
In the early stages of development, Tokenomica will manage all activities regarding the Investors Club. In one year, we plan to conduct voting to choose the management board of the club and the chairman. The role of Tokenomica will be reduced to providing access to exclusive offers on STO Marketplace.

Open for Everyone
For now, everyone can apply to join our club. There is no entry fee and no barriers. We will review your admission based on the information and inform you about our decision. In the future, admission criteria will be decided by the management board.

Apply now and join the new age of investing. For all questions, feel free to contact us via email st[email protected]

Digital Assets Exchange was Updated

What’s new

TrueUSD is Now Available for Trading
TrueUSD — one of the most traded and trusted US dollar backed stablecoins is now listed on the Digital Assets Exchange. New trading pair available on our exchange is BTC/TUSD.

Learn more about TrueUSD

The Demo Version of TDEX
This month, we've introduced a demo version of the Digital Assets Exchange to give all users an opportunity to see how the exchange works before starting the registration process.
Try it now!

Withdrawal Policy Update
The minimum total balance amount of the account has been lowered from 10 Waves tokens and should not be less than 5 Waves tokens now.
You can find the updated policy here.

We are still working on the further development of our products and we will be delighted to get feedback from our users. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our products, feel free to contact us in our Telegram chat. Best of luck!