Tokenomica News. June 2020

July 01, 2020

We are delighted to bring you the new edition of Tokenomica News! Here you can find what we’ve been up to for the last month.

Spheroid Universe AR Partners With Tokenomica for Crowdinvesting Campaigns on the Platform

A decentralized platform for business, advertising, and entertainment within the integrated space of earth’s augmented reality — Spheroid Universe has closed a partnership with Tokenomica.

Through the partnership, Tokenomica will co-develop and offer new compliant ways to raise capital for companies and developers on Spheroid Universe’s Project Zone.

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Development of the ESOP Feature

We are working on the new feature that will allow companies to create and manage stock options plan with ease. Everything is done online and there is no need to attract several intermediaries in order to prepare your plan.

From the employee’s point of view, everything is done easily as well. Stock options management and opportunity to redeem payments or tokenized securities will be available in the personal account as well.

The new feature is expected to launch in Q3 2020.

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New Crowdinvesting Landing

Launch your campaign free of charge on Tokenomica and get a chance to win the promotion of your campaign worth €5 000.

And we have also launched the new landing page aimed at companies that are willing to raise capital with Tokenomica via private equity crowdfunding.

Right now, we are offering an exclusive opportunity to launch a campaign on the platform free of charge, and additionally, Tokenomica will spend up to €5 000 on the promotion of 1 campaign chosen by the Tokenomica team before September 1, 2020.

If you have a project that you might refer to us — feel free to do this and we are always grateful to those that are sharing links to our new products.

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Karma Tokenholders Were Officially Registered as Shareholders

Estonian Corporate Registry accepted petitions of Karma, meaning that the campaign is officially over. Since June 30, 2020 Karma People OU has 600+ shareholders. The list is available upon request at the Estonian Corporate Registry by the registry code: 14908269

Tokens will be distributed among shareholders later today, for more details please contact the Karma team through email:

Editorial Picks

This month, we have finished our series of articles dedicated to the history of companies and how they should be managed in the modern era:

Part I: What Unites First and Modern Companies
Part II: Brief History and Problems of Capital Markets
Part III: Improving Equity Management for Companies: Time to Forget Excel, High Costs and Mistakes

And we have some other exciting things in development at the moment. We will share details about them with you in the next month.

Enjoy your summer!