Tokenomica News. March 2020

April 01, 2020

Well, this month was different for most of us. But one thing won’t change — we keep working hard and we keep bringing you Tokenomica News!  

Strategic Partnership with Wise Wolves Group

The biggest news this March was the launch of our strategic partnership with Wise Wolves Group.

Wise Wolves Group will invest EUR 1,5 m and will take an active role in the future development of Tokenomica’s business.

Through the partnership, companies will co-develop and offer new compliant tokenization solutions and products, which will target the existing clients of Tokenomica and Wise Wolves Group and will allow companies to expand their client bases. Additionally to that, Tokenomica will also be able to offer crypto-related services to current corporate clients of the Group.

At the same time, the new partnership will allow Tokenomica to leap forward in the development of the platform. Together with Wise Wolves Group, Tokenomica will be able to develop the infrastructure for a fully compliant secondary trading facility for tokenized securities which is scheduled to launch later this year.

Development of Post-Campaign Features

This April, we will launch Post-Campaign features on Tokenomica.

Our platform allows companies to automate corporate procedures and also automatically creates the necessary legal documents that will legitimize the established restrictions, as well as the execution of token holders’ decisions.

As a result, we would like Tokenomica to become more than just a place to issue your tokenized security and raise funds. We see Tokenomica as a platform that will help companies run their businesses without being concerned about the legal side of securities management. Putting it shortly, we would like you to feel that your regular corporate secretary was replaced by Inspector Gadget.

Of course, the development of such a complex system can’t be done in a blink of an eye. This April, we will launch three basic features — voting, dividend payouts, shareholders list management, communication with investors.

Find more information in our article

Karma’s Campaign is Almost Finished

With just 2 days left until the end of the campaign, over 85% of tokenized equity were already sold to over 520 investors.

Don’t miss a chance to boost your Karma

First Advisory Board Meeting

Another important news is the first-ever meeting of Tokenomica advisory board members. During the meeting, our advisory board discussed plans for the next 2 years and shared the vision of the future of Tokenomica.

We will make sure to introduce our advisory board to you later this month.

Karma — Tokenomica Joint AMA Session

On March 23rd, our YouTube channel hosted the first AMA session. Tokenomica’s Founder Artem Tolkachev joined Karma’s Founder George Goognin for joint AMA session focused around Karma’s campaign.

Video is available in our profile:

And that’s it for this month. We hope that you are doing great during this time. Stay tuned for more!