Tokenomica has Successfully Completed the First Round of a Public ETO

December 16, 2019 News

Tokenomica —  a platform for automated issuance, offering and trading of tokenized assets, has successfully completed the first round of a public fundraising campaign.

During the first round, the platform managed to raise 30 BTC through an ETO (Equity Token Offering). As part of the ETO, investors were offered tokenized equity — an asset that exists in a regulated environment and ensures the proper level of investor protection.

“The main goal of our campaign was to test both our platform and the legal framework of the offering. As a result, we have seen that the platform is completely ready for large-scale campaigns,” said Artem Tolkachev, Tokenomica’s Founder and CEO. “Now we are focused on the further development of the platform and last week we were able to successfully launch fiat operations (deposits, withdrawals, and BTC-to-Euro trading).”

The second round of the public campaign is scheduled for mid-2020, during which Tokenomica plans to attract 70 BTC. In addition, the Tokenomica team is aiming to raise capital from institutional investors.

Up to date, Tokenomica launched three major features: smart securities issuance platform, a marketplace for investors, and regulated crypto exchange. In addition, regulated trading of Euro-BTC was launched on the platform last week.

The next stage of the development is the launch of the secondary trading facility for smart securities which is expected to launch in 2020. In addition, Tokenomica has already announced 7 fundraising campaigns to be launched over the course of 2020, including a bonds tokenization project, in partnership with one of the major bond issuers in Europe. As part of the upcoming project, Eurobonds worth up to $ 10,000,000 will be offered on Tokenomica.

About Tokenomica
Tokenomica is an EU-based financial platform for issuing and trading of smart securities, allowing investors to invest in fundraising campaigns, combining the best elements of traditional financial markets and technology.

Tokenomica Contact:
Roman Rakhimov
Marketing Manager
[email protected]