Tokenomica's New Clients Soon To Be Announced!

November 27, 2019 STO

If you’ve been following our news lately, you probably know we have previously teased a client expected to launch a major fundraising campaign on Tokenomica. This time we’ve got even more exciting news: since relatively recently, it’s been not just “a new client’, but several new clients, which is a huge step forward for us. Unfortunately,  we can’t announce the names of these projects yet — not that we wouldn’t like to; it’s just that we need to settle all the necessary legal details before letting you know who these clients are.

Well, although we can’t properly introduce them to you yet, we could at least give you a hint as to what they do. Here are some brief insights into each of these new soon-to-be-announced Tokenomica’s clients.

First, as we’ve previously mentioned, we’re working on a tokenization case in a partnership with one of the major issuers of Eurobonds in Europe — a company that aims to bring a competitive alternative to zero-yielding stablecoins by providing crypto investors with a traditional fixed income asset that generates daily profits. As a part of this partnership, tokenized Eurobonds worth up to $10 mln will be offered on Tokenomica.

Second, we are currently onboarding a European startup offering a spectrum of natural dietary supplements that invigorate mind, body, and soul. These guys sent some of that stuff to our office — now we’re basically addicted to it. Hence the partnership. On top of that, the European dietary supplements market is forecasted to reach USD 26.2 billion by 2024, registering a CAGR of 4.6% during the forecast period — we really hope our future partners will be the part of the growth and wish them the best of luck!

We’re also working out a deal with an international telecom operator with an emphasis on phone calls protection. Their subscribers are provided several cool features that ensure the security of conversations — for instance, voice adjustment. Sounds quite Bondesque, doesn’t it?

Furthermore, we’re currently in negotiations with one of the pioneers of the CBD industry in Europe — a company focused on manufacturing hemp products of the highest quality, including pure hemp cigarets, tobacco & hemp cigarets, and more. We’ll be excited to work with a project from a rapidly developing industry like CBD: in Europe alone, over the course of 2018, it has grown more than in the previous six years and is estimated to be worth up to €123 billion by 2028.

And that’s not even the half of it. Other clients we wanted to mention include: an e-commerce website with a focus on consumer electronics,

an international p2p-lending platform that matches borrowing businesses with lenders form all around the world, and a blockchain-powered company offering a promising alternative to traditional betting services. We’ll share more info about each of these projects next time.

This makes up 7 clients in total — we are set to do our best to help them raise funds on our platform, thereby providing investors with an opportunity to invest in promising companies. We’ll keep updating you on our progress with each of these companies, so stay tuned!

And don’t forget that we are currently running our own fundraising campaign — if you’re ready to join us on our journey to disrupt the securities market, you can invest in Tokenomica until the 15th of December!